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If you were involved in a New Jersey car accident that caused you to become injured or caused damage to your property, you may be wondering if you are required to report the accident to the police. Perhaps you were only in a fender bender, and you do not see the point of reporting the accident to the police. Find out whether your car accident needs to be reported in the article below. We also recommend discussing your case with attorney David A. DiBrigida, representing clients in Roseland, Patterson, Howell, Essex, Morris, Union, Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex.

Filing a Car Accident Report With the State of New Jersey

Under New Jersey law, drivers must report auto accidents when certain conditions have been met. In other words, drivers do not always have to report a car accident, but they are legally required to do so in certain situations. If the auto accident resulted in one or more people's injury or death, or if the accident caused over $500 in property damage, you must report the accident. You will need to report the accident to one or more of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Local police department

  • Nearest county police office

  • New Jersey State Police

In addition to reporting the accident, drivers will also need to file a written accident report after the collision. In New Jersey, you are not legally required to report the car accident to your insurance company. However, almost all insurance policies require you to report the accident within a reasonable time frame. If you do not report it, you could risk denial of coverage for your car accident claim by your insurance company.

How Do I File an Accident Report in New Jersey?

If you are required to report a car accident, you must do so through the quickest means of communication. In other words, you should report it as soon as possible. The easiest way is to use your cell phone and report the accident at the scene. If no phones are available, drive to the nearest police station and fill out an accident report. If your vehicle is not operational, you can report the accident by calling law enforcement after you've returned home. You can also report the accident online.

Click on the link below for the New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash Form:

You will need to print or type all of the information on the form in black or blue ink and follow the directions carefully. All the information you include needs to be accurate. Make sure you do not unintentionally admit fault for the accident when completing the form. You will need information about your vehicle and the other vehicle involved. You also need to include information about the date of the accident, and you can include a diagram that describes the accidents in the report. The report will also ask you to include any person who became injured or killed in the car accident. 

Even if you have suffered mild injuries, we recommend stating that you have been injured on the form. Your injuries may get worse and cause you more pain in the days following the accident. If you have any questions about completing the accident report, we recommend discussing it with an attorney. It is best to be prepared and protect your potential right to compensation, and an attorney can help you do so.

Who Fills Out a State Accident Report Form? 

The driver who was involved in the car accident must fill out the accident report. Suppose you, as the driver, cannot provide oral notice of the car accident immediately after it happened, or you cannot file the required accident report. In that case, another occupant in your vehicle has the right to do so for you during the accident. If your passenger cannot make a report, you should consult with a New Jersey car accident lawyer as the laws are unclear about what happens next.

How Long Do I Have to File an Accident Report in New Jersey?

Drivers must report the accident by the quickest means of communication possible, and New Jersey law does not specify precisely how much time that means. Written auto accident reports need to be filed within 10 days of the car accident. 

How Do I Submit an Accident Report to Insurance?

As mentioned above, most insurance companies require insured drivers to file a report about an accident quickly. However, no  New Jersey law requires you to report a car accident. Instead, it is a legal obligation arising out of your contract with the insurance company. Most car accident contracts require the driver to report an accident within a reasonable time frame, typically interpreted as one to two days after the accident.

Most car insurance providers allow their customers to report car accidents on their website, via telephone, or through their mobile app. Filing a car accident report is a relatively simple process to go through. If you already have the police report from the car accident, this will help you when you report the accident to the insurance company. It is generally recommended that you call the police for all but the most minor of car accidents. A police officer will complete an incident report that can be valuable to your claim. 

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