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$500,000 Settlement

A 30 year old man who was walking to the store, a hit and run victim with a shoulder and head injury.

$35,000 Settlement

In 8 months for a woman with neck and back pain rear-ended at a stop sign.

$90,000 Settlement

For a man who was rear-ended striking his knee on the dashboard requiring arthroscopic surgery to repair it.

$100,000 Settlement

In 4 months for a young woman who broke her arm when another car ran a stop sign and hit the car she was a passenger in.

$40,000 Settlement

For a 48 year old woman with neck and back injuries.

$250,000 Settlement

For a passenger on a bus who injured their back requiring surgery.

$1,200,000 Settlement

For a retired man who was struck as a pedestrian requiring surgery.

$625,000 Settlement

For a man with internal organ injuries as a result of a multiple car accident on the highway.

$1,450,000 Settlement

For a 76 year old pedestrian struck by a car who suffered closed head injuries.