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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Essex County, NJ

Wrecked motorcycle lying on the ground according to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Essex County, NJThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or fatality, as an Essex County, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer has seen for themselves. We have represented clients who were seriously injured because a car driver struck them while using a motorcycle. Because motorcyclists do not have protection other than the helmet and gear they wear, they are vulnerable to serious injury or death. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, consider the information below on how to stay as protected as possible. And in the event of a motorcycle crash, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida about pursuing compensation from the responsible driver.

Before going out on a motorcycle ride, be sure to gear up. Wear long pants and clothing with sleeves that are made of a thick material. Additionally, use gloves, durable boots that protect your ankles, and proper eye protection. In colder weather, don’t forget to add layers to your body so that you can better tolerate the chilly temperatures. Wear bright colors and consider adding reflective elements to your motorcycle and clothing. Use your headlights during both the daytime and at night. Remember that you are hardest to see at dusk, when the light is changing from day to night. Ride in the section of Lane that increases visibility to car drivers, and if you are not sure if a driver sees you, try to make eye contact or honk if needed.

Your helmet is going to be one of the most crucial types of gear that you wear. Even if your state does not require you to utilize a helmet at all times, you certainly should. Wear a full-face helmet that is approved by the department of transportation. Ideally, your helmet is light colored or bright, for maximum visibility. As an Essex County motorcycle accident lawyer explains, if you do not wear a helmet, you are twice as likely to suffer from a traumatic brain injury in the event of a collision. If your helmet gets damaged or is not properly fitting, replace it with a new one. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to get a new helmet every five years or so, or after you are involved in an accident.

We understand just how badly people can suffer when a motorcycle accident occurs. and oftentimes, is the motorcyclist who suffers the most severe injury, or death. It’s important for motorcyclists to know that they could be eligible for different types of compensation to help them pay for things like medical costs, loss of earnings, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, surgery, and other ways they have been affected. If you or a relative was in a motorcycle accident recently and a car driver was at fault, we strongly encourage you to to contact the Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida so that we can guide you further. With our assistance, an Essex County motorcycle accident lawyer can maximize on how much compensation you receive for everything you have endured. We’re ready to come to your aid.