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A car crash left three people dead, with two people under critical condition on the west side of Route 22 in Newark, New Jersey. 

According to reports from USNews, the car was heading west of Route 22, Newark, when it suddenly crashed and caught fire. 

Two male passengers in the vehicle, Kamal Johnson, 19, and Taylor Hill, 19, were found dead at scene. Another male passenger, identified as Nashawn Brooks of Irvington, 20, was rushed to the nearest University hospital, but was soon declared dead by doctors. 

The driver, a 19-year old female, along with another female passenger, was also rushed to the hospital and is still under strict observation. Authorities are still investigating the matter and don’t seem to consider overspeeding as the cause of the car crash.

According to the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, the victims were on their way back from attending a gathering in Point Pleasant Beach.