Are You A Prescriptions Mistakes Victim?

Every day, mil­lions of pre­scrip­tions are writ­ten.  Each of these has the poten­tial to help a patient. How­ev­er, when a pre­scrip­tion error is made, it can result in seri­ous injury or even wrong­ful death.

Are you a victim of prescription error in NJ?

When a pre­scrip­tion error harms a patient, you must talk to an expe­ri­enced attor­ney.

Pre­scrip­tion errors hap­pen more often than peo­ple expect.  All too fre­quent­ly a doc­tor pre­scribes the wrong drug or the phar­ma­cist fails to ques­tion a dan­ger­ous mix­ture of med­ica­tions or a nurse gives the wrong dosage to the patient in her med­ical care.

Some types of pre­scrip­tion errors include:

  • Doc­tor’s pre­scrib­ing the right med­ica­tion but the wrong dosage or fre­quen­cy
  • Doc­tor’s fail­ing to mon­i­tor the patient
  • Physi­cian’s pre­scrib­ing the wrong med­ica­tion for a con­di­tion
  • Physi­cian’s fail­ure to to under­stand a med­ica­tion’s side affects
  • Phar­ma­cist’s fail­ing to ques­tion the doc­tor’s mis­take
  • Phar­ma­cist’s giv­ing patients the wrong instruc­tions for tak­ing the med­ica­tions
  • Phar­ma­cist’s fill­ing the wrong pre­scrip­tion or dosage

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