Have you been Injured in a Truck Accident?

If you have been hurt in New Jer­sey by the care­less­ness of a truck dri­ver, con­tact us today!

There are many rea­sons why a truck acci­dent hap­pens:

  • It is dif­fi­cult to see blind spots from a large truck
  • The dri­ver is rush­ing to meet a tight deliv­ery sched­ule or a dead­line
  • The dri­ver is tired due to dri­ving for long peri­ods and few­er breaks
  • The dri­ver is lost, stressed or tired and not pay­ing enough atten­tion to the road
  • The dri­ver is new to the rig and does not have enough space for his giant vehi­cle between oth­er vehi­cles
  • Mechan­i­cal fail­ure and defec­tive com­po­nents
  • Over­load­ing of the truck and caus­ing imbal­ance of con­tents and cen­ter of grav­i­ty

Truck Accident Attorney

David A. DiB­rigi­da, han­dles truck acci­dent injury cas­es.  He will eval­u­ate the fac­tors con­tribut­ing to the val­ue of your dam­ages and per­son­al­ly han­dle your case from start to fin­ish.

To pro­tect your legal rights, call David today at 800–322-5529 for a FREE con­sul­ta­tion.