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New-Jersey-Bike-Accident-LawyerHave you been Injured in a Bike Accident?

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in New Jersey, you need an attorney who understands and is knowledgeable about your rights as a bicyclist. Among the many factors contributing to bicycle accidents are:
  • Drivers fail to yield the right of way for the cyclist.
  • Drivers don’t see cyclists approaching an intersection.
  • Drivers make a right-hand turn in front of a cyclist traveling in the same direction.
  • Drivers turn left into the path of an approaching cyclist.
  • Drivers fail to give cyclists enough room when passing.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

David A. DiBrigida, handles bicycle injury cases. He will evaluate the factors contributing to your bike accident and personally handle your case from start to finish. To protect your legal rights, call David today at 800-322-5529 for a FREE consultation.