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NJ Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement Park Accidents NJ

Amusement Park Accidents NJ - children on roller costerDespite roller coasters being a fun attraction for many families, there are times when NJ amusement park accidents happen and tragedy ensures. However, there is an unspoken darker side to amusement parks that people don’t want to think about, but is a reality that could impact anyone at any time. In fact, amusement parks are a location where serious incidents that affect all members of the family happen. Some injuries may be the result of recklessness on behalf of a park visitor, other injuries could be from faulty equipment, negligence committed by ride operators, and other safety violations that go unnoticed or ignored by park management. If you or a family member was seriously hurt while riding a roller coaster or visiting an amusement park, then now is the time to call us at the Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida for help. 

A main reason that people visit amusement parks is to get that sense of thrill from roller coasters or fast-paced activities. But negligence is often the culprit of injuries sustained from amusement park attractions. There are limitless reasons for why these incidents happen, such as:

  • Lack of maintenance and inspection for the rides
  • Defective operation or mechanical failures
  • Dangerous parts and equipment
  • Uneven or slippery walking surfaces that cause visitors injury
  • Lack of supervision
  • Not training ride operators sufficiently 
  • Poor precautions for adults and children with medical conditions
  • Broken machine parts with defects that originate with the manufacturer

Fatal injuries at amusement parks are rare, but they do occur. More commonly, visitors suffer from severe injuries that require medical treatment right away. In fact, 30,000 injuries happen at amusement parks each year, which isn’t very thrilling at all. Examples of injuries that visitors may suffer from include but are not limited to broken bones, spinal cord damage, lacerations, contusions, drowning, soft tissue injury, neck and head injuries, and mental trauma for going through the entire ordeal. Now you may be asking yourself, who is liable for visitor injuries that were caused by the park? As a lawyer explains, when it comes to NJ amusement park accidents, amusement parks have to carry large insurance policies for situations where there was negligence that led to an accident. But even with an insurance policy, the amusement park may try to reduce the validity of a claim or negate it so it does not cost money on their end. Oftentimes, it was a ride operator, third-party manufacturer, or park management who failed in some way which led to one or more people getting seriously hurt, or losing their lives. 

If you or someone you know was injured from NJ amusement park accidents, then now is the time to speak up. Do not let time go by before you hire a lawyer, as this gives time for the amusement park and their insurance company to take advantage of you and attempt to deny your claim against them. If you need assistance, please contact us at the Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida today. 

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