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NJ Inadequate Security

Inadequate Security NJ

Inadequate Security NJ - Security policy or awareness to the internet, password by showing the padlocksHave you or a loved one been robbed, assaulted, or attacked because of NJ inadequate security? Poor security of a premises is often the reason that crime and injury happens when leaving an apartment complex, bar, restaurant, parking garage, or concert. There are people with malicious intentions in the world and they are given the opportunity to engage in offensive behaviors when they notice a lack of security force. Violent crime is viewed as something we just have to deal with in society, but in reality, these incidents are preventable only if sufficient security was present. The team at Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida has represented victims of poor security and has seen the way that their client’s health and state of mind can be altered after going through such a traumatic event. There is usually physical injury that requires treatment and a lack of trust in the world can form as well. At the very least, what we can do is legally hold the offending people responsible for the harm they inflicted and the party responsible for not upholding enough security on the premises. 

Negligent Security Definition

So by definition, what is considered negligent security? Landlords and building owners must keep their properties reasonably safe for visitors, such as taking steps to avoid foreseeable acts. If you were injured due to lack of security, you may be entitled to financial compensation for what you endured. Examples of negligent NJ inadequate security can include broken locks on windows/gates/doors, poor lighting, hindered emergency exits, lack of security alarms or functioning cameras, and untrained or inexperienced security guards.

How do you know what your situation warrants hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit?

To have grounds for a case, you have to prove that you were allowed on the property lawfully, were injured by a third party at the location, and the property owner should have been aware of risks involved to visitors and had failed to provide effective security. For instance, a business should know when their area has a high crime rate and that visitors may be at an increased risk of robbery or harm. Another example would be a bar owner who knows their clientele are rowdy but do not take measures to have security so that all visitors are safe. 

Negligent Security Legal Assistance

All in all, property owners must ensure that the premises they own are reasonably free of dangers, and when they fail to offer security that works, they could be liable in a lawsuit. Victims who suffered from NJ inadequate security are encouraged to speak with our team. We can do a case evaluation and answer your questions, so then you know what your options are moving forward. For immediate assistance, contact us at the Law Offices of David A. DiBrigida right away. We have likely represented victims just like yourself, who had their life changed because security didn’t do their job. If that’s the case for you, we are prepared to take your call. Let us intervene and protect you when a property owner fails. 

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