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New Jersey Social Security Disability Lawyer

Hire a NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer For Legal Help

When you have a disability that keeps you from going to work and making a living, you may be able to receive Social Security Disability. These benefits would provide you with health insurance and a set income each month that would help you cover miscellaneous expenses. These expenses could include the cost of your rent or mortgage, groceries, and other necessities. Before a person can receive these benefits, they must prove that they are disabled in such a way that it prevents them from obtaining a job. These benefits are provided to those who are expected to have a disability for more than a year.

The Social Security Administration provides these benefits. The SSA gets information for each case to determine if an individual is eligible to receive the Social Security Disability benefits. When you want to apply for the benefits, you need to visit the Social Security office to complete an application. You can ask questions while you are there if you are not sure how to complete the application correctly.

There are times when applicants receive a denial notice despite having a legitimate disability, which can be frustrating and upsetting to find out that they have been denied the benefits they truly need. In the event that you receive an initial denial notice, you do have the option of appealing the decision. You must appeal the decision within 60 days. If your appeal gets denied, it is then time to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer to help you. At the David Injury Law Office, we will work on getting a hearing for you in which you can plead your case and likely have the denial overturned to get approved for the benefits you deserve.

Applying for NJ Social Security Disability Benefits

While some people complete the application for benefits at the Social Security office, you can also fill the form out online from the Social Security website. The website is available at, and it is easy to navigate. You can look at the Adult Disability Starter Kit to find out if you are eligible and to get more answers to common questions asked by applicants who are interested in receiving these benefits.

After finding out more about the process of applying for the benefits, you can start the application. Be sure to complete the disability report that is available online as well. You want to provide as much information about your disability as possible; this includes your diagnoses, how it currently impacts you, and what types of treatments you might receive. For example, you may need to take medication each day and attend therapy for your disability.

What to Do If You Receive a Denial

Receiving a denial from the Social Security Administration can be frustrating, but you are not alone. Many people get denied the first time around. The goal is to prove that you are genuinely disabled and entitled to the available benefits. Ninety percent of all applicants will receive a denial the first time around, but that does not mean they do not end up receiving the benefits at some point. You should make it a priority to appeal the decision as soon as you receive the denial. You do not want to appeal it after the 60 days has passed because then you will have to start the application process all over again. When you are not sure what to do, you can hire an attorney to guide you through each step.

The Differences Between Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

While the Social Security Administration provides both benefits for those with disabilities, there are differences between the two types of benefits. Social Security Disability is often available to those who have worked in the past but are no longer able to do so because of their disability. SSI is available for low-income people with disabilities who may have never worked before.

In addition to applying for yourself, you can apply for benefits for children living in the home with disabilities. Both physical and mental health issues count as disabilities. If your child has learning disabilities, he/she may be eligible to receive benefits alongside any benefits that you might receive due to your disability. 

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