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Do I Get Money for My Pain & Suffering?

If you are injured due to negligence of someone and you file a lawsuit against that person or company to demand compensation for your injury then there are different types of money awards (damages) that you might be entitled to receive.

If you prevail in a lawsuit, you will be awarded compensatory damages, which are designed to “put you back where you were” before your injury.  Compensatory damages fall into two broad categories: monetary losses and non-monetary losses.

Monetary losses include anything that can readily be assigned a dollar amount.  These can be your medical expenses or costs associated with a disability (for example, you are in a wheelchair and need a ramp added to your home), lost wages (from time you missed at work due to your injury, as well as the loss of your ability to earn money in the future), and property damage.

Non-monetary losses, such as pain and suffering, are much more difficult to give a money value to. There is no simple formula to calculate non-monetary damages.  Typically, “pain and suffering” compensation is awarded when a victim suffers actual physical pain (accompanied by emotional distress). This includes such things as chronic body aches, mental depression, a shortened life expectancy, and / or an inability to do those things you normally used to enjoy, such as sports, hobbies or even household chores.

You might be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.  However, it is impossible to say how much? The first thing you must do is to contact law Offices of David A. DiBrigida and discuss your matter with complete confidence that you will get the best advice for your matter.

To protect your legal rights, call David today at 877-217-1887 for a FREE consultation.

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