Get free advice 24 hours for injuries due to a car acci­dent. We explain your rights and advise on how to pro­ceed with your case.  David is an injury lawyer and can be reached 24/7 for free advice.

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Insur­ance com­pa­nies rep­re­sent­ing per­sons at-fault for an acci­dent, will con­tact you, the injured par­ty and try to con­vince you into set­tling their claim imme­di­ate­ly with them. That helps them.  But what could you do if an insur­ance com­pa­ny refus­es to pay your med­ical bills from a car acci­dent?  That is why you should not set­tle with the insur­ance com­pa­ny direct­ly.

Delay in fil­ing an acci­dent claim can affect your rights in your auto acci­dent and per­son­al injury claims.  Do you have ques­tions for an attor­ney? Who will pay the dam­ages to your vehi­cle? Our law firm answers car acci­dent and  traf­fic acci­dent ques­tions 24/7.

New Jer­sey law demands that acci­dent vic­tims are enti­tled to seek com­pen­sa­tion for a seri­ous injury they have suf­fered through the neg­li­gence of anoth­er par­ty. This includes com­pen­sa­tion for dam­ages, lost wages, and med­ical expens­es.

Don’t Sign Any­thing Until You Speak To An Attor­ney!