Slip and fall on ice and slip and fall on snow are very com­mon ways to sus­tain injury. Every win­ter, I rep­re­sent indi­vid­u­als who slip and fall on snow and ice. What peo­ple often do not under­stand is that sim­ply because you slip and fall on some­one’s prop­er­ty does not make them auto­mat­i­cal­ly respon­si­ble for your injuries. You must prove that the prop­er­ty own­er was at fault.

The law rec­og­nizes that in the win­ter, snow and ice are com­mon­place. If you slip and fall on nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring snow or ice, there is no legal case. You must prove that the snow or ice which caused you to slip and fall was the result of an unnat­ur­al accu­mu­la­tion. When you fall, deter­min­ing the cause of the slip­pery con­di­tion is the last thing you are con­cerned about. But from a legal per­spec­tive, it can make the dif­fer­ence between a recov­ery for your med­ical bills, lost wages, and pain and suf­fer­ing and no recov­ery. Con­sult­ing with the Law Office of David A. DiB­rigi­da fol­low­ing a slip and fall on snow and ice will help in mak­ing a recov­ery.

How we help our clients recover for their personal injuries

Here are a few of the ways we have proven that snow or ice was not nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring and how we have made a recov­ery for our clients:

  • Ice formed from a gut­ter or down spout
  • Snow plowed, melt­ed, and re-froze caus­ing ice
  • Snow not shov­eled prop­er­ly
  • Side­walks not prop­er­ly salt­ed

These are just a few of the com­mon ways we have proven the cause of the slip­pery con­di­tion which caused my clien­t’s injuries. It is always impor­tant to obtain pho­tos in a slip and fall on ice case. Ide­al­ly, pho­tos of the actu­al icy con­di­tion which caused the fall are best. Let’s face it, after you slip and fall, you prob­a­bly are not think­ing about tak­ing pic­tures of what has caused you to fall. In most cas­es, our inves­ti­ga­tors will go to the loca­tion and take pho­tographs. Often we are able to deter­mine what caused the con­di­tion even if it is not read­i­ly appar­ent to you.

Slip and fall on snow or ice can happen in many places

I have rep­re­sent­ed peo­ple through­out New Jer­sey in slip and fall on snow and ice cas­es. Some of the loca­tions where our clients have been injured include:

  • Store park­ing lots
  • Side­walks
  • Apart­ment build­ings
  • Stairs and land­ings

Each of these loca­tions have unique chal­lenges in order to prove a legal case. As you can guess, prov­ing a slip and fall legal case can be dif­fi­cult. For this rea­son, you should nev­er give a state­ment to the insur­ance com­pa­ny about how the acci­dent hap­pened or your injuries. The job of an insur­ance com­pa­ny is not to pay claims, but to save mon­ey. Often­times, and insur­ance adjuster will ask ques­tions in such a way that can hurt any chance you have to make a recov­ery.

When you hire the Law Offices of David A. DiB­rigi­da, my job is to make sure your legal rights are pro­tect­ed and prove your case. I han­dle all aspects of your case, includ­ing deal­ing with the insur­ance com­pa­ny. My office will inves­ti­gate your case in order to make a recov­ery for you. To see if we can help you or to dis­cuss your slip and fall on ice or snow case, please con­tact me.

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