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David A. DiBrigida

Roseland Auto Accident Attorney

Roseland New Jersey
Auto Accident Attorney  

Have you been Injured in an Auto Accident in Roseland New Jersey?

Have you been Injured in an Car Accident and reside in Roseland New Jersey?

To protect your legal rights,
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Our Attorneys Represent You and Protect Your Rights.

If you have been injured in a car accident or reside in Roseland, New Jersey, you need a local  car accident and injury attorney who understands and is knowledgeable about your rights as a car accident victim.

Don’t Sign Anything Until You Speak To A Roseland Auto Accident Attorney!

Insurance companies representing persons at-fault for an accident will contact you, the injured party, and try to convince you to settle your claim immediately with them.  That helps them and really hurts you!  That is why you need an experienced auto accident attorney for your injury and claims.  Insurance companies routinely do this because they are able to settle the claim for a fraction of it’s total value.  That is why you should not settle with the insurance company directly.

Value of Your Auto Accident Injury Claim.

There are many factors that contribute to the value of your claim.  For example, what would you do if an insurance company refused to pay your medical bills from the car accident?  New Jersey law provides that accident victims may seek seek compensation for injuries they have suffered through the negligence of another party.  This includes compensation for physical injuries, lost wages, medical expenses and other damages.  This is why you should see advice of an experienced auto accident attorney who represents you and your rights.

Roseland, NJ Auto Injury Attorney

David A. DiBrigida, handles auto accident injury cases. His office is located at 101 Eisenhower Parkway in Roseland, NJ, right off I-280, exit 4B.  He will review your case and evaluate the factors contributing to the value of your damages and personally handle your case from start to finish.  

To protect your legal rights
Call David today at 877-217-1887 for a FREE legal consultation at his Roseland, New Jersey office.


 About Roseland, New Jersey

Roseland is a borough in western Essex County, New Jersey, United States.  It was incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 10, 1908, from portions of Livingston Township.  It is located at 40°49′11″N 74°18′37″W (40.819861,-74.310168).  Roseland was part of the Horseneck Tract, which was an area that consisted of what are now the municipalities of Caldwell, West Caldwell, North Caldwell, Fairfield, Verona, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Roseland, and portions of Livingston and West Orange.  Roseland is located in the 11th Congressional District and is part of New Jersey’s 27th state legislative district.

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We want to make sure that each of our clients is as happy with the experience they have with our firm as they are with the ultimate result in his or her case.

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